Straight Forward

Screentime NZ | Mastiff Denmark | Yellow Bird

Blue-sky drama meets Scandi-Noir as con-woman and single mum Silvia aka Robyn (Cecilie Stenspil, Below The Surface), tries to leave her criminal past behind. After a con gone wrong, she flees Denmark for the safer shores of a small town in New Zealand. Or so she thinks. Having left her daughter (Marie Hammer Boda, While We Live) in the care of her mother Dagmar (Lotte Andersen, The Killing/The Bridge), she’s anxious to bring them both with her, but she soon finds herself entangled in the web of lies she’s already spun in her new home. Thus begins a game of cat and mouse that finds her switching roles between the both, but always only a step or two from being found out.

8 x 1 hour