Like Cotton Twines

A harrowing story of sexual slavery justified by religious tradition. Micah (Jay Ellis) is an American volunteer who teaches in a Ghanaian village and holds high expectations for his mother’s homeland. He is eager to help his students reach their full potential, especially the bright 13-year-old Tuigi (Ophelia Klenam Dzidzornu). But when Tuigi’s family must pay for an accident caused by her father, Tuigi must abandon her education and offer herself as a sex slave. Outraged and upset, Micah battles the tribal culture, religious customs, and the state itself in order to save Tuigi from a cruel fate.

Starring Jay Ellis (Insecure, The Game), who also served as co-executive producer and written, directed, and produced by Leila Djansi (Where Children Play), the film won Best Narrative Feature Award at the Savannah Film Festival 2016.