Desert Road

“Dark and Intriguing” Sunday News

“Scary... Brutal... Filmed Beautifully” Sunday

“Action-Packed, Gritty and Intense” Time Out

“Great, Gritty, Grimy... Sam Neill is So Good, So Cool” New Zealand Herald

International leading man Sam Neill (Peaky Blinders, Jurassic Park) and one of New Zealand’s bestloved performers Oscar Kightley (Bro’town, Samoan Wedding) join forces in HARRY, an edgy, thrilling six-part crime drama set in Auckland, New Zealand. HARRY follows Detective Harry Anglesea (Kightley), a solo father struggling with his personal demons as he investigates a major murder case under the watchful eye of his boss and mentor, Detective Jim “Stocks” Stockton (Neill), his boss and mentor.

Drawing on real events, HARRY is set in the dark, dangerous and all-too deadly world of meth dealing. When a drug-crazed gunman murders two innocent people it sets off an investigation of substance abusers and the complex and deadly world of their supply which may bring down all who come into contact with it.

While Harry struggles with the investigation, he is fighting an inner rage that follows the suicide of his wife; a rage that could destroy the man and bring the case crashing down around him. Powerful realism meets compelling drama in a gritty urban setting as HARRY takes you into the world of users, dealers and distributors, to the top of the syndicate where the power lies.

6 x 1 hour